iPhone 5 Release Date 2011

Posted by bloggerantik on Friday, July 29, 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date 2011 still a mystery. All focus is now drawn to the still mysterious iPhone 5, when the iPhone 5 will be marketed, what features are embeded to iPhone 5, then what about the iPhone 5 model  and there are still many questions that arise about the iPhone this 5.

Slowly but surely, iPhone 5 is rumored to be released mid-September 2011 and even some sites have featured pictures iPhones 5 to meet the desires of the fans of the iPhone, this is an answers for the question about "iPhone 5 Release Date" which of course will only be answered when the iPhone 5 in the release formally.

So when the real iPhone 5 will be released, until now there has been no confirmation about the certainty of the release date of iPhone 5, but the IOS 5 at WWDC 2011 Apple made the announcement about the iPhone this 5 which was made into a package with cool new features, including Android's drop notification-down style menu. IOS 5 Will be released in the autumn, more specifically in September. Furthermore, Apple Brings New-generation iPods and iPod Touches in September. However, According to CNET UK, iPods are not glamorous enough to bring into the world IOS 5. IOS 5 and 5 Both Will the iPhone be the perfect platforms for each other.

That is the reason why We Are expecting to see the iPhone 5 with IOS release 5, in the autumn. We already assumed That Apple does not want to release the iPhone 5 until IOS 5 is completely ready the which is somewhat similar to the CNET UK's prediction. Here is what we predicted.

Why has assumed CNET UK Wednesday 7 September 2011 as the iPhone 5 launch date? Since 2005, Apple iPods has been launched in September on the first Sunday after Labor Day. There were the resource persons some exceptions in the past, though the Saturday has proven a regular Apple's favorite day

So what new features are added to the iPhone 5? Please bookmark this blog for more information about features, models, prices, specifications of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 release date.

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